The Adventures of Wilson and Finn
The Adventures of Wilson and Finn

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Two troubled minds bond together. They travel around the world, trying to save people from an evil darkness, but not all people can be rescued...
(I write almost everyday, so be sure to catch up on it!) You know you want to read it....

The Adventures of Wilson and Finn

Finn stared out his window, lost in thought. He held his chin up with the palm of his hand. Rain poured outside of his house, but it didn't matter. He wasn't planning on out anyways.

His messy, black hair draped over his shoulders. He hadn't cut it for months.

Finn was thinking hard, like he always did. I wonder... He rose from his chair and grabbed his worn out Galaxy Wolf backpack from the closet and plopped it on the floor next to him.

Finn rummaged through the junk in it. Dead plants, old notebooks, scattered papers, some kind of fur, and his monster journal. He eyes lit up and he pulled it out and opened it up.

Finn flipped through the pages in hopes to find the one he was looking for.

Wisterian black hound

"Ha-ha! Found it! Looks like I haven't filled it out yet..." He reached into his writing mug and picked out his favorite pen; the one that his mother gave to him.

He clicked the top and pressed it down on the paper. Finn wrote:

Wisterian black hounds:

* look like giant black dogs

* They are absolutely terrifying and very territorial

* might taste good...

* have a king called the Black Deity, just like all creatures

* took Dad

Finn put his pen down and got up from his chair. He stumbled onto his bed and closed his eyes.

He dreamed about his mother.

But the dream slowly turned into nightmare, and ended with his mom being dragged away by hands of darkness


Finn Lancaster Finn put on his backpack and dug through the closet again. He grabbed hold of the blade and pulled it out. It was a sword he found while traveling. He liked it, although he was still trying to figure out how to use it properly. He would swing it everyday until calluses formed on his hands.

Finn stuck the sword into his backpack and took a look around his room. He was leaving that day at the age of 13. The house was the he had lived in his entire life, but it was time to leave the nest. He opened the door and left. The air was crisp and a light breeze brushed his hair aside. He took a deep breath, trying to get used to the smell.

He was going to be out in the wild for a few weeks, at best. If he was lucky, maybe only a matter of days before he finds a new home.

Finn sat down under a tree and put his bag down. His shoulders were aching and his knees buckled. "Adventures never end, so adventurers never quit..." Finn fell asleep after those words. He slept with neither a nightmare, nor a dream. He was just asleep.

Dreaming of Meadows He opened his eyes. The flowers were swaying in the wind. The grass whisked at his legs.

He was somewhere new. Somewhere he had never been to. It was a flower meadow. Finn had never seen one in person, but his mother once told him that she loved the smell of the meadows. He sniffed the air. It didn't smell as good as his mother described it...

His heart stopped and he grabbed to handle of his sword. His sense of smell was incredible, and he smelled something too familiar.


A deep rumbling sound came from the bushes. Finn stepped back. It inched closer.

Something shot out of the bushes and into the air. It latched onto Finns' hoodie.

He yelped as he was being dragged into the forest. The sound became louder...

"Woah! Look at what I found!"

Finn looked up. It was a boy with blonde hair, yellow eyes, and steampunk attire.

The boy adjusted his goggles. "You're not a wild boar, you're a human! Just like me!"

Finn scratched the side of his face. "Uhm....?"

"Oh, how rude of me!" The boy held out his hand to Finn, so he grabbed it and hoisted himself up.

"I'm Wilson Henderson! Who might you be?"

"I'm...uh, my name is Finn. Finn Lancaster..."

"Well, Finn Finn Lancaster, shall we be going?"

"Going? Going where?" "Gearwork, the city of steampunks! That's where I'm from! It's amazing!" "Good to know...?"

Wilson grabbed his arm and ran off, Finn skidding behind him. "WHY THE HECK ARE YOU SO FAST?!" "I'm you're a steampunk like me, you need to learn how to be quick, both in factories and the outdoors! Oh, we're almost there! "Hey, I smelled blood. Where is it?"

Gearwork "Oh, I cut myself on a thorn. The roses must've hated my fashion sense...WE'RE HERE!" Finn gasped at the gigantic city ahead of them. "Is that...?" "Yup! This is Gearwork!"

There was machinery everywhere. Gears, nuts, bolts, screws, and a whole lot more. Finn had never seen such a wonderful place. "I wanna live here..."

"Really? Really, really?! Yes! You can be my roommate!" "Uh, I was kinda thinking about getting my own place..."

Wilson snorted. "You really don't know anything, aha-ha!" "That was harsh, man..." " You have to have a roommate to have an apartment!" "Where have you been living...?" "In the woods!" "Where did you get your clothes?" "Made 'en myself...Made 'em get STOLEN!!"

"YOU STILE CLOTHES?! DO YOU KNOW HOW WRONG THAT IS?!" "Nope!" Finn groaned. "Let's just get an apartment... "

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