The Call of the Microphone
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A poem about finding your voice, believing in its' power, and having the courage to use it.

The Call of the Microphone

by Breanna Lowman

Find your voice, I've heard it said

But mine has always been stuck in my throat

It cracks and it pops and has a mind of its' own

And when I try to sing it cuts off, breathless, silenced.

So, I'd sing in my room with a quiet voice

Where only my ears could hear the sound

And I'd write in a journal sealed and bound

So that in the waters of insecurity and fear I wouldn't drown.

But every time I saw a microphone

It called out to me by name


Come here and put your lips to me

Open your mouth and words will be waiting

Embrace the butterflies

And conquer the fears

Let your voice out

And let it ring clear

For your voice is meant to be heard

There is healing in your words.

So, I step up to the mic

Awkward as can be

Gripping it with shaking arms

And a heart racing in between.

And I open my mouth

And I hear my voice

echo and ring

resound and reverberate

bounce and resonate

hover and soar

And I'm not afraid anymore.

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