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My husband and I wrote this poem together. You can read it from either of our perspectives.

Our Bedroom

by Breanna & Chris Lowman

Our bedroom is a garden ground

A beautiful place in which we're found

Your physical presence

Calling forth my true essence

Our bedroom is a revealer of distance

A place that shows where our heart is

Your mental dissonance

Playing with my lack of confidence

Our bedroom is a place of resolve

A place to choose love over qualms

Your ability to set bitterness aside

Setting forgiveness free to fly

Our bedroom is a place that unveils

A place that unwraps our past and our failures

Your vulnerability

Erasing any hostility

Our bedroom is a place of release

A place where we can give and receive

Your sensual touch and connection

Liberating my fear and inhibition

Our bedroom is a place of growth

A place where we find what we love and loathe

Your encouragement

Bringing out my empowerment

Our bedroom is a territory of love and victory

A place to be seen and known entirely

The longer we are together

The more infinitely we are known and seen

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