My Heart Walks Barefoot

My Heart Walks Barefoot earth stories

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Awakening from apathy. Feeling the earth's heartbeat and humanity's cries.

My Heart Walks Barefoot

by Breanna Lowman

Feet shod shielded and bound Unaware of what lies beneath

Unable to sense textures, surfaces Suppressed and cut off from feeling

Sheltered from the sensations Creation holds Humanity expresses

I take off my shoes the trappings of emotion

Barefoot I walk more aware and in tune Consciousness unlocked I welcome it all in

In the meadow I stroll grass between my toes Sinking into the heart of the earth feet grounded, resolved

Amidst the stones I meander with tender, delicate feet Awake to pain and suffering rough, jagged pricks of awareness

Through the snow I trudge cold seeping into my toes Raw and bitter resistance holding threats of numbness

Within the sand I tread a dance upon burning hot coals A long slow-motion run toward the hope of ocean waves

Rediscovering sensations long kept safely within Set free to take a journey to feel everything

Glory and pain dwell with the bare heart For solidarity and compassion my heart willingly walks barefoot

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