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I lived in China for 5 years and honestly met a little girl who had given herself the name Soda. All the names in this story are from my experience.

I Once Met a Girl Named Soda

I Once Met a Girl Named Soda by Breanna Lowman

I once knew a little girl whose name was Soda

I met her in China under a pagoda

And her friend wanted to be Coke but settled for Cola.

I met others with names like Lion and Tiger

Then there was Rock and there was Winter

And the many fruit names like Apple, Cherry, and Pear.

My friend was a preschool teacher

So, she heard names even more peculiar

Like Lego, Angry Bird, Jelly, and Spider

At first, I thought these names were strange

But these kids didn't know what could or couldn't be a name

And why should a name cause any shame?

So as tempting as it was to have them pick new names

I just let them be them and keep their names the same

Deciding not to snuff out their creative flames.

So sure, you can be Soda or Cola or Crane

or Stone or Sunshine or Rain.

And if you are a girl, you can be Kevin too.

Name yourself anything that is true of you.

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