Holding Hands Across Fences
Holding Hands Across Fences argument stories

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Pretty much anything can become an argument these days, especially when it comes to politics. I believe that our purpose in conversation should not be to argue and prove ourselves right, but rather to better understand, connect, and love one another. Our differences don't have to keep us apart. And that's what this poem is about.

Holding Hands Across Fences

by Breanna Lowman

Ok, I get it, we disagree. But can we get back to decency? I don't have to hate you. You don't have to hate me.

Where is the understanding and the love? Why do we fight each other, can't we rise above? What about humility and kindness my friends? Let's please please please not give up on them.

For I see a future not far away, where polarized sides come together and stay. They hold hands across fences, and look into the others eyes with compassion.

And the conversations had are not about being right. Instead they bring connection and understanding to unite.

I believe in this future hope But I wont just wait for it to come. I will play into the new song now Making kindness and love my ever beating drum.

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