Dear Mr. President

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Another controversial piece. I may not agree with our president but I don't want to fall prey to hate. Just know, this piece is coming from a place of sorrow and compassion, not hate or polarization.

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President by Breanna Lowman

It is true I don't agree with you

And I'm not a fan Of one nation under you

It's tempting to disparage you To gossip and to hate

But even you In the image of God were made

You are not worthless Just as those you claim have no worth are also not

The left says you are malicious The right says they do not care

Maybe you really don't know All the harm you've declared

I will still choose to see your humanity Even when u don't see the humanity of others

I will still believe God loves you Even if I don't think he's on your side

I will continue to stand up to those in power In order to stand up for those who are powerless

But that doesn't mean I think That you mean less than them

Everyone deserves grace Even you

And I will never know the whole story Only media's "truth"

I believe we are all the beloved No one is above another

But until the least of these are noticed Equality is out of reach

As for the rich and powerful They are standing on their own

It's the marginalized and poor That need someone standing up for them

You see, It's not that I'm against you

It's that I stand with the weak They are the ones who need you

But if you won't stand up for them...

I will.

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