Crimes of Compassion

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If I be found with any crime, let that crime be compassion.

(Mike Mezz posted about this same topic a few days ago and coincidentally I was working on this too. I'm thankful for a place to share controversial things).

Crimes of Compassion

by Breanna Lowman

All around the world

All around the world People look to her

All around the world People look to her And dream

Yet a dream catcher

Yet a dream catcher She is not

She says she is A place of refuge For the weak and weary

Her leaders claim to be For God and justice Are they fucking serious?

I see the families locked up The children separated I see the refugees waiting To walk through her gates to escape their terrors

They knock and say we're weary We're weak and in need of you But she ignores their pleading And instead builds walls and cages

The people cry out for mercy They call out to her powerful and rich But they claim they are just criminals And only keep those they deem have worth

Land of the free.... to be selfish

Home of the brave...

...bravery traded for fear

As for me If I be found with any crime

As for me If I be found with any crime May it be Crimes of compassion

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