The Words on the Pages
The Words on the Pages transport stories

wawa_lover that tall theater girl
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A haiku story about where books and stories can take you

The Words on the Pages

It's a rainy day Coffee mug in the left hand And you in the right

I open you up And breathe the dust of old words Ink from long ago

A cliche story A dragon-guarded tower A princess, a knight

Although I read you, I am not the reader now I am the princess

Or am I the knight? Ready to save a damsel And slay a dragon

Maybe the dragon? Guarding a lady from her Controversial knight

Whether I'm a girl Or a woman with a crown You mesmerize me

To a place unknown Where I can be who I am Oh, take me away!

Where am I right now? Am I in the great castle? Or am I at home?

Oh, words on a page! Where have you transported me? I am lost at sea

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