SIMULATOR (love triangle hehehehe)
SIMULATOR (love triangle hehehehe) simulator stories

wawa_lover dm if u want <3 im just as depresso as u
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simmmmmm hehehe

SIMULATOR (love triangle hehehehe)

sooooo ive decided to actually commit to a simulator

the idea: kinda jumanji/the hollow vibes. three (maybe four or five?) kids get stuck in a game. they don't know each other and are like yk what this is FINE. its not fine. one of the four/five kids will be a virus. ill dm uuuuu if i choose u. ur gonna dm me with ideas for subtle sabotage and ill weave it in while keeping u seemingly innocent

there's a narrator to the game and he seems to be their friend. hes like...the mad hatter. a lil loopy. the kids are all assigned roles like D+D like this: Hunter (TAKEN) Mage (TAKEN) Healer/Enchanter (TAKEN) Shifter (TAKEN) Assassin (TAKEN)

so i need Main- (FILLED) Narrator- (FILLED) Main Villain- (0/1) Extras(?) PSA: Three of the mains will be a lil more main just fo a possible love triangle if u WANT

Character: (including ur role if ur a main/side, ex: Main Mage) Name: Age: Pronouns: Sexuality: Appearance Personality: Skill: Weakness: Weapon of Choice: (try to make it synonymous with ur role pls) Extra:

thxxx! i hope this goes well!

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