I've come so far
I've come so far girl stories

wawa_lover that tall theater girl
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About the obstacles of life and how I faced them

I've come so far

When I'd touch the bruises on my knees, I'd wince

And when the words stung, I'd run away

And when I saw the magazines with girls who wore ripped jeans, I got new ones, though it didn't feel quite right

And when I'd fall, I'd wonder why no one picked me up

And I'd cry when the road was too tough and the wounds hurt

But time goes by

And a girl grew up

And had to take the beating of life

The bruises on my knees don't hurt anymore

I don't hear the words anymore

I shred the magazines like I used to shred my jeans

And I pick myself up when I fall

I know there's always a tougher road

And I know wounds heal

And I have no tears left to cry

My scars are my armor, my experience, my paint

That show me where I've been

A little girl

A young woman

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