I'm here to vent
I'm here to vent vent stories

wawa_lover that tall theater girl
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Me venting about my bad day

I'm here to vent

So there was an audition today for a solo in the song 'Neverending Story'

You might've heard of it in Stranger Things

Anyway, so I was ready to sing that solo that I had been practicing for months

I was in a room full of people in my school's chorus

It was my turn to sing

Ok, so I can sing

I'm no Whitney, but I can sing well Just not under pressure

In my house I sounded great singing the solo, but in the room full of students, I was petrified

I started to sing the solo and I started freaking out

There was a handful of students in there who love to judge and point fingers, which didn't help my confidence

Everyone else was great except for me

I know I'm not getting the solo, and that sucks

It's just annoying because I know I probably could've gotten it if I was alone

Anyway so that's me venting

Hope your day is better than mine

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