Flowers as People
Flowers as People flowers stories

wawa_lover that tall theater girl
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Comment which one you are!

Flowers as People

The Rose The Delicate One The Beautiful One The One Who Builds Defense From Others

The Lilac The Approachable One The Happy One The Kind One

The Daffodil The One Who Shines When It's Her Turn The One Who Hides When It's Not

The Poppy The Beautiful But Toxic One The One Where If You Get Too Close You Could Get Lost The One Who Doesn't Mean To Push People Away

The Sunflower The Out There One The Tall And Defiant The One Who Doesn't Care

The Cherry Blossom The Sweet One The One That's Always Quiet The One Who's Always There For You

The Marigold The Life Of The Party The Cheerful One The Fun One

The Lily The One Who's Always There To Listen The One Who's Pretty And Doesn't Know It

The Azalea The One Who Accepts Her Flaws The One Who Knows Who She Is The One Who's Pretty And Knows It

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