The Songs I Listen To (Like, actually)
The Songs I Listen To (Like, actually)  stuff stories

watching_in_awe I am human, and I need to be loved.
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For real this time. I promise, it's very!

The Songs I Listen To (Like, actually)

Wrock (yes I spelled that right) Wizard Rock. A few of my faves are: The Weasel King RiddleTM Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls (PS. Even if you're not a fan of HP (Who isn't?) These bands/people are really good)

Broadway: Heathers (Hence the gifs(I watched it (AGAIN) last night)) Hamilton (My name is Philip I'm a poet I wrote this poem just to show it) Wicked (I starred in a cliff notes version of this last week (I've seen it on Broadway too. It's really good.)) Newsies Into The Woods Les Mis Rent And MORE!!!!!

Oldies: Okay, I listen to oldies. Not just 90s (Nirvana and the perks of being a wallflower playlists), not just 80s (I love Elton John and Billy Joel and pretty much all 80s pop) and 70s (no comment here). I go way back (half a century) to the 50s. NOTHING beats 50s doo-wop. IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST. Ex: Earth Angel, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, The Great Pretender, Teenager In Love etc.

Alternative+: Yes, I'm on the emo bandwagon. Panic! At The Disco AJR My Chemical Romance Set It Off (THEEEEEY'LL NEVER TAKE US ALIIIIIIIIVE) Green Day etc.

Those eyebrows though...............

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