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This is what happens when I read historical fiction!

The Beauty Queens

Once upon a time, there were seven queens. Five of great beauty, one of moderate plainness, and one of extreme ugliness.

The first queen was an exotic beauty sent from her native land to marry a king and seal an alliance. The king died, and so she married. the new king.

Unable to give him a son, the king grew farther and farther apart from his queen, taking on many lovers.

One lover, however, was cunning, and told him that she would only give him what he wanted if she could be queen. The king tore his country apart for her, sending the first queen into exile.

The first queen died of broken pride and heart soon after, alone in a cold draughty castle with no one to comfort her. The second queen was a dark beauty, with eyes and hair of coal.

She too was unable to give the king a son. The king threw her in a tower, and then had her beheaded publicly, with false accusations of lovers.

The queen kept her diginity till the end, and begged the king to spare her alleged lovers' lives. He refused, and they too were put to death.

On the day the second queen was beheaded, the king married a plain woman who was quiet and obedient. She died of childbirth fever, but was able to give the king one sickly son.

The king's advisors, who were always plotting for and against him arranged a marriage with a foreign woman. She was ugly and frumpy, and the two royals detested each other.

Finally, after seven months spent avoiding each other, she was sent away. The next queen was a young, excitable beauty who was extremely foolhardy​ and was beheaded after taking on many lovers.

The next and last queen was a beautifulthird-time​ widow who was smarter than all the others, and outlived the king. Just barely. She died soon after.

However, the ugly queen outlived all of them, as well as the king's first daughter and son. She died during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first.

Her name was Anna of Cleves, and this is the true story of King Henry and his seven wives, Katherine, Anne, Jane, Anna, Catherine, and Kateryn, Queens of England.

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