The 12 Isles (Part One)
The 12 Isles (Part One) magic stories

watching_in_awe I am human, and I need to be loved.
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Part One of a story I'm working on.

The 12 Isles (Part One)

Iliana heard screams echoing through the night. She looked over to see that her sister’s bed was empty.

Had they gotten her, or had she left herself? Iliana rushed to the door and shoved it open. She stopped in spite of herself. Fire crept among the villagers, raging in an ambush. Destroying them.

Dragons swooped from overhead, taking loved ones into their claws and consuming them in one bite. Magicians shot spells into the wreckage, to discourage any survivors.

A Storm-Bird sat up on the cliff top, wreaking hell upon the village with his weather. Iliana's father ran at her and shoved Iliana back into her bedroom.

Iliana lay on her bed, shocked, gasping at the visions that burned in her mind. Villagers, burning. Villagers she could not save.

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