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watching_in_awe I am human, and I need to be loved.
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To Jynx, Nova, and Pearl. I love you guys!

Thank You

I miss you.

Thank you for coming to me.

I missed you.

Thank you for following my instructions.

You didn't have to.

You could've ignored it and I would've been none the wiser.

You could've made an account but never spoken to me and I wouldn't know.

But you still came.

And you said hi

And that you missed​ me

And that you thought​ of me each day

And that you had a plan in which we would get to meet each other.

So thank you.

I love you guys!

Dedicated to 2/3 of the Comment War Trio, Nova and Jynx, as well as Pearl. I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!

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