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watching_in_awe I am human, and I need to be loved.
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You tell lies, they unravel.
You be a lie, YOU unravel.


She smiles at me and I smile back. Then someone pushes me to the ground, and walks past me, right into her waiting arms. Oh, I think, so she wasn't smiling at me after all.

I curl inwards, into myself. Maybe, if I disappear, I can watch her all day. Maybe if I make my true self disappear, and put on a mask and costume, she'll love me the way I love her.

I put on a new costume everyday, trying them out. None of them make her love me. One day, I walk in, and sit down next to her. Hi, I say. Nothing. I wave my hand in front of her face. Nothing.

I do it to the next person, than the next than the next. No reaction whatsoever. Then my friends approach me. You guys can see me! I embrace them, so happy I am not completely gone.

They push me onto the ground. Liars, they say, liars and fakers, and pretenders. They're like magicians. They can just disappear. And suddenly I am all alone again. I am being buried alive.

My friends, acquaintances, family members, are each shoveling my lies onto my grave, in which I lay. Stop! I scream.

Stop! You're killing me! Why can't you hear me? Why can't you see me? My mother looks around. "Where is Ellie?" she asks. "It's like she disappeared." My father says.

"Who's Ellie?" The love of my life asks. "I don't know." My mother answers.

A huge pile of lies hits me, and fill my mouth, I try to scream, but I'm gagging on the lies and nothing will come out. I'm disappearing, bit by bit.

My parents are now shoveling, not lies, but bits of my life on top of me, until not only they, but me disappear.

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