Betrothed Part One
Betrothed Part One love stories
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I love writing betrothed stories!!

Betrothed Part One

I sit on the bed and cry. Today is the day that I will meet my fiance. I don't know what he looks like. I don't even know his name.

Once upon a time, this wouldn't have bothered me, since I didn't believe in true love, but that was before I met him.


I was walking down Petaloúda Avenue when I saw a young man, my age, with black hair and bright red freckles. He was tall and devilishly handsome. Right from the start, I knew he was a player.

That didn't stop me. I strutted right up to him and smiled. "Hello miss." He said. "I'm Thomas Brightwick.

And who may you be, lovely?" I set down my parasol and leaned against the store wall, taking care not to crease my white gown. "Eloise Harrison, at your service." Thomas smiled, nervously.

I found that a bit odd. Wasn't he used to all this attention from girls? "You look nervous." I noted. Thomas laughed, a cute high-pitched giggle that came from his nose.

"Bold and straightforward. I like it. Well, the truth is Miss Eloise, I've never been nervous in front of a girl. Until you. I've never met a girl quite like you, after all." He winked.

After that, I would meet him in front of the store every day and we would talk and laugh and fall in love.

Eventually, though, I had to tell him that I was betrothed to another man, and that I didn't even know his name.

Thomas understood and confessed that he was in the same situation, except for the fact that he was betrothed to an anonymous woman. We still met after that, but it was different.

We were more careful now that we knew our romance could never work out.

*Flashback over*

Now I got up and dressed in the same white gown I was wearing when I met Thomas. Now, instead of marking the beginning of a romance, it was marking the end of my childhood.

I walked downstairs, and sat in the parlour, awaiting my guest and future-husband.

He walked in, and I kept my eyes down, worried that if I had to look at my betrothed, I might burst into tears because no one could be better than Thomas.

"Eloise, my daughter," Tad said, "This is Thomas Brightwick, your betrothed. Thomas, this is my daughter, Eloise Harrison.

" I looked up to see my young man, tall and devilishly handsome, with black hair and red freckles.

However, not all betrothed stories have happy endings. Stay tuned for Betrothed Part Two!!!

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