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A....satire I guess? (Did I spell that right??)

At Court

The woman stands at the edge of the courtroom, watching the proceedings. Her lawyer was able to get her in here, before her trial so she could see how things worked in court.

"Your honour," the man says, "I plead guilty. But I was drunk at the time." The judge nods. "We will take that into account and maybe lessen your sentence." He looks at the jury.

After a good hour or so, it is time for the woman's trail. "Your honour, I plead guilty." She says, "But I was on my period at the time." This was true.

The judge laughs, "So what?" The woman begins to back up her claim. "You just lessened a man's sentence because he was drunk. He chose to get drunk.

He purposely put alcohol into his body, knowing the consequences.

I do not choose to bleed every month, yet the mood swings might as well have the same effect as alcohol!" "SILENCE!" Yells the judge and he bangs his gavel.

"How dare you​ bring up such vulgar things in my courtroom."

Later that day, the judge went out to a restaurant​ with his friends​ and told them about his day,

complaining for a good ten minutes about the woman who had brought up such a vulgar and disgusting thing as a woman's period.

He and his friends then proceeded to talk about sex and fucking women. Ironic, isn't it?

*A/N* Just to clear my name (ha ha ha, I'm so funny) I first want to say I know nothing about what goes on in a courtroom. I don't even watch Judge Judy, so yeah.

Also, there is nothing wrong with periods (I happen to be on mine right now...tmi, Ellie, tmi) and nothing wrong with sex.

I was just trying to make a point about how most people are disgusted by periods and stuff, but find sex a beautiful thing.

ALSO, this was inspired by Rupi Kaur, one of my favourite poets. (Most of my inspiration comes from her).

She had this whole war with Instagram​ about how they kept taking down her pictures about periods when they should've been banning porn instead. She won!!! :) Have a nice day!

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