Why did she have to ask? [By wasted bliss]
Why did she have to ask?
 [By wasted bliss] forget stories

wastedbliss i don't like color orange
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I got asked a question.
Think about what kind of a question it was. Make a guess. I wont answer but i want to see..

Why did she have to ask? [By wasted bliss]

It struck me as a surprise I didn't see it coming

Brought up emotions , That were stored away deeply inside

It shocked me so much that I couldn't take it

I panicked and talked around it

But every word struck the nail of the head

My buttons got pressed, right on the point

couldn't talk around it.

I tried to walk the way-away from the topic

But it was like a gymnast jumping back in to it

a snake wrapping and strangling the victim and my thoughts with it.

even now at night i can't sleep my heart stops beating and starts pumping

It burns hot red, like metal i have to strike.

It hurts, it hurts, It hurts, why was it said

I didn't want to hear it, now its glued to my eyes

it sticks too much, used to fall down like oil

now melted to my soul.

I tried drinking but that didn't help

Deeper I am sinking.

I went away and again i want to go away.

I forgot and now i remember the foolish, silly thought.

the one that once brought me happiness

now makes me miserable-vomit covered dizziness.

I cry i scream i scratch my soul with a steel beam

i want to punch the walls of the box i'm in

Tear my hair out, rip the eyes out and sew my eyes shut

I put the coals on my palms to forget it

Cut off my fingers so i cant play anymore

Take it all away just don't make me resurface

It has to stay down i don't want to feel

yes its coming back Don't say it!

why did you say it? Why?

I just can't... Ok i give.. I'm gone..

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