Welcome [by wasted bliss]
Welcome [by wasted bliss] romance stories

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A love story that never happened

Welcome [by wasted bliss]

Welcome, it's free All you have to do is come and talk to me.

Hello it's me The guy sitting in the coffe shop, Giving you a little glance for free. Just come and light a spark with me.

Hey, it's you. The one in the back checking if this deal is profitable to choose.

The dissbelief in your eyes is real. It's ok if you don't talk to me. I'll be here tomorrow, Waiting for you to finaly believe in me.

Goodbye, from us. It's what could have been But will never be The lack of trust It's eating me.

Come and use me Take me for granted And bruse my heart until i see.

If the blood dripping from my nose is from my nervous strings breaking. They got overplayed through your lustful silent symphony.

The stuff i said That should never have been said The stuff you didn't But should have been heard

I cant take it I won't take it It's too much but not enough

Now I've lost you Something i'll never get back you'll never see this it's what i should have said But in the end these are the feelings that don't exist because you never did.

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