The Past And The Future [By wasted bliss]
The Past And The Future [By wasted bliss] hope stories

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My happiness, hope you enjoy! I hope it makes sense to you :)

The Past And The Future [By wasted bliss]

The past and the future

The walk back and a step forward

As memories fade new experiences appear

The past being erased and future being sketched

The bright paint on canvass and yet undeveloped pictures in the dark.

With love and anxiety i look back on my time

Though I reach towards the future within my prime.

The shiver comes over me as i give out the last breath of what has been.

Swear my oath to what's yet to come and make it my King.

The feverish thoughts of my battles with reality..

I fantasize of love as insanity the white and innocent dove in future it flies

Its my yesterday my today and my tomorrow,

Its the space in the hollow of my emptiness filled mind.

Such clear darkness that smothers me of how full it is.

My past i see so clearly yet when future comes my vision melts like the glasses have been removed.

I can’t see whats to come but i know what will be, because i saw what walked away.

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