Reflecting on my fingernails [By wasted bliss]
Reflecting on my fingernails
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wastedbliss i don't like color orange
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Reflecting on my fingernails [By wasted bliss]

How low will i fall? The more i contact those around me, The more recluse i wish to become..

My legs can't bear the weight of the lump in my throat anymore. It stands too heavy over my heart.. The fat of lies pressing down on it untill it sinks deep in the dirt.

Now i lay in my bed, Watching.. Staring at the reflection of music play button rolling over my fingernails. Agonizing over the actions that lead me to this moment. I dread the day i let them in..

I want to be with them but they make me sick.. The duality of my indecisivenes It leaves deep scars flooded.

The idea of it attracts me It's like a narcotic that you just can't forget. As you get rid of it but when falling under pressure unnoticingly relapsing..

But the truth leaves me bafled.. Still looking for the conclusion that will never come.

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