Into the pit [By wasted bliss]
Into the pit [By wasted bliss] weird stories

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I looked into the mirror and had a little chat with myself.

Into the pit [By wasted bliss]

As I take a long hard stare into

The hole that is my humanity

All i see is a huge dark abyss.

An abyss where the light should be.

My own resentment and regrets

they have been eating at me

Covering me in the shroud you can barely see through.

Now its all empty.

There used to be a nice young guy.

He was chivalrous, friendly.

Full of hope and no envy.

Determined to the sky and above,

Ready to tackle anything

Take on the world just for the spite of an argument.

Tragedy! He's dead, rundown and petty.

Now i see a dark horned demon

Grown into the thorned crown.

Those red eyes staring back at me.

over the throne hall of nothingness.

Through the broken windows of ruined deeds

falls the broken light of the day's that have long passed

Memories dimming the light in which he sits alone.

Through the tears breaking out of his eyes he asks.

How did you do this?

Why did you do this to me?

We had hope and aims!

Targets we set to reach!

But now you gave up,

Doing a job instead of which you'd rather drink bleach..

May my saint anger fall over you

for letting us down

You found me and now i make you

Carry my guilty crown.

Until you find yourself again and raise me from up to the light.

You will never be happy.

And sink in the filth of cowardice

May the sloths take you forever until the end of the time!

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