Awake in a dream [by wasted bliss]
Awake in a dream [by wasted bliss] romance stories

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I drifted around the town and noticed a painful happiness. It made my heart feel heavy so i had to write something. Hope I didn't disappoint.

Awake in a dream [by wasted bliss]

Little squirrels scatter along the leaves under the canopy. Just like the pianists fingers over the instruments keys.

The gray and white swallows, such gallant birds.. They march and march over the park with the low rhythm tone of tuba that swirls.

The wind blows across, It glides over the trees Resembling the gentle strokes of the violin bow in it's key.

The bird songs sing along this symphony of nature As I sit on this bench I see a true art gallery, The beautiful canvas of it's architecture.

Daffodils displaying their own mirrored love! What contrast to tulips the shy spring children.. But truest martyrs to love.

The green and the blue Melting together like glue. The synergy envelops me The hug of the sun and branches which entangle me.

They are giving out a scent.. Oh how it makes my head spin! The apparition of spring, Why do you do me so? Fresh air, oxygen it smothers me my eyes, now I see what they show

Oh nature, oh spring.. I fall in love with you..

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