Accordion [By wasted bliss]
Accordion [By wasted bliss] intimacy stories

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My little accordion, I see you

Accordion [By wasted bliss]

The lone accordion sits on the street corner

Playing tunes with all its heart

It stays in the background confident yet unnoticed.

It's a bright star,

But its a small star.

In the canon of the sea of faces

The sea it flows and flows

All it's waves, they bring the sounds of chattering.

Swallow the accordion

Never let it breath a word, a note , a pause in it.

But the accordion keeps playing

It keeps the heart going.

Pumping the notes through it's veins.

Oh the little accordion

You shine ever so bright!

Even if for the moment

Even if the sea swallows you

If it devours your soul!

Know that I see you

You are my guiding light

The light in my sea of faces..

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