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Passion lost, feeling a lot.

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I'm hangin' on hangin' on, Can't say for how long. One second my soul fills with love, Just to not feel it at all. Man this shit is the side effect of getting whipped on that shit called love.

You say you want it foreva? Yet you can't fuckin' give me your all!

But I don't think I can give you foreva, Until I feel that connection that we had in 2011. Man that's the shit that I thought I coulda locked down for foreva. All the serendipitous signs and shooting stars together made it apparent.

What do you expect me to feel when I'm left feelin' like an empty shell of myself? Just floatin' and existin' in this shell of a relationship. I know the love is there, but why aren't you open to receiving and givin'.

These feelings make it really hard to stick around when I'm dreamin' of all the finer things in life with you in it.

I know I've got my faults too but, Baby girl I got two arms and a heart open and ready to receivin' you all. You say it's not me, that it's all you. Please allow me to help you fix whateva is doing you wrong.

They say that when the One comes around you just know. And beautiful, I know that's you. This is why I'm still by your side fighting your demons et al.

Man, I'm just missin' that intimate soul level connection, Used to come naturally but no longer present. Went away on a holiday, Never to be heard from. Only to occasionally see the glimmer of passion in your eyes as a nod and a twinkle... (far far away... )

This passion... now absent, Gone away with Elon Musk to another planet. Only existing in a galaxy many lightyears away, In what multiverse can I find her? Who is that sentient being peeping through tho?

Beautiful, is that you? Please come back to planet Earth and allow me to be your groundin' facet.

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