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Warning: This is purely for laughs, so I did not discuss anything important that needs to stop

Things That Need to Stop

by wanderlust

First off, let's talk about math. Shit, I hate math.

I suck at math. There's no future with me & math, so why I gotta take it?I learned the basics, I'm good now. I'm an incredibly smart person, but math is dragging me down. I say cut it altogether

Oatmeal raisin cookies.

I have not met one person who's said, "I want an oatmeal raisin cookie" or "I love oatmeal raisin cookies." Nobody likes them, so why are they still a thing? They're just wannabe chocolate chips.

Writer's block should also stop.

It's really getting in the way of my creative process.

And don't get me started on periods!

NO! JUST NO! And if you're a guy who complains about girls who complain about periods— LEAVE. Do not negatively comment unless you have a uterus.

Book/Movie spoilers.

If you are a spoiler, you and everything you stand for is not okay.

Airplane food.


Airport food.


How about shaving?

Shaving my {insert every body part that needs to be shaved} is a pain the ass

People with no filter.

People with too much filter.

People who DO clean up after themselves at the movie theatre

You're making me look bad and honestly, if they charge you $50 for popcorn and a soda and are having someone in there to clean up anyway… (movie theatres are the only place where this is okay)

The fact that I'm so tall…

and boys aren't taller.

People who put no emotion in their lines for a performance

Just UGH are you even trying?? We are supposed to be ACTING

Strapless bras

There has to be an easier way to be busty and where cute halter tops

People who think they are getting married to celebrities who they've never met/ get possessive when someone says they think that celebrity is cute or whatever… no

That I ranted about a shit ton of stuff that needs to end…

and not once did I talk about anything remotely important that needs to stop, so I apologize.

I hope you all enjoyed this!

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