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Stale air filled my lungs with every breath...

The In Between

Stale air filled my lungs with every breath I take reminding me that I’m alive.

The only noise is a constant beeping and upon opening my eyes I realize that I’m connected to a heart monitor with small wires coming out from the machine and running under my cotton pajamas.

Gazing around the small room it looks as if it hasn’t been touched in ages. Paint peeling off the wall tells of much cleaner and happier times. One of which I have not had the courtesy of seeing.

Sitting up I look down at the wires and decide that they need to come off. Pulling them off I throw them to the side of the bed.

Shivering from the sudden cold I push myself to the edge of the bed and grip the blankets. Slowly I slide off of the bed and onto the cold tile floor.

Walking over to the door I wrap my slim fingers around the handle before I twist and push. The door groans open revealing a hallway vacant of souls.

Taking a few steps out I gaze at the abandoned hospital equipment from wheelchairs, IV pole to even broken beds.

The window at the end of the hallway lets in very little light for the amount of dirt covering it. Do I really want to walk around this hospital that look abandoned?

Suddenly the door to my room shuts causing me to jump in surprise. Turning around I try the handle, but it’s stuck.

“It looks like my decision is made for me.” I mutter to myself before turning around and start to walk down the hallways.

Climbing over chairs and beds I push aside blankets with holes in them that smell of mothballs. Scrunching up my nose in disgust I quickly continue on.


Lifting my foot I look down and see a frame. Crouching down I turn the frame over to see a faded photograph of a small, yet happy family. As I look closer broken glass falls to the floor.

The parents stand behind a girl who looks to be in her late teens and a young boy.

“Do you recognise them?” A smooth voice asks from behind me. As I turn around the picture slips from my fingers.

Looking up I see a man dressed in a tuxedo looking down at me with an unreadable emotion in his grey eyes. His black hair is slicked back as his lips turn slightly upwards.

“No. Who are you?” I ask standing up brushing my blonde hair out the way. As he opens his mouth to speak his eyes flicker to something behind me before focusing his attention back to me.

“That’s a pity because you should.” Titling my head at his words I stare confused.

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

“In all due time.” Upon hearing this I take a step back I put my hands up as he takes one forward.

“Don’t come any closer.”

“I want answers.”

“Everyone wants answers in here and once found, but they couldn’t seem to move on.”

Looking around the empty hallway I look back at him. He has to be crazy.

“We’re all alone in here.”

He only smiles at my words as he knows something I don’t.

“What?” I ask feeling like someone is standing right behind me watching my every move. Shivering I look over my shoulder to see a light. The man grabs ahold of my arm and pulls me closer to him.

His ice cold grip causing the air to leave my lungs. Gasping I watch as the light turns into a beautiful women. Her white dress and blonde hair brighten the hallway significantly.

Her blue eyes narrow at the sight of the man’s hold on me.

“Let go of the poor girl.” Her pink lips turn into a frown.

“This is mine, so I will not let her go. Find yourself another soul.” At his words I look up at him as he stares at her. What does my soul have to do with anything?

“Why must you do this every single time?”

“Because you won’t listen to a word I say.”

Sender fingers make my wrist feel as though it is about to fall asleep. Pulling my wrist does nothing as the cold continues to seep into my bones.

“Would you like to come with me?” She asks me and I nod my head quickly. She appears to be everything he’s not. The man looks down at me before slowly losing his grip enough for me to get free.

Walking over the the woman I watch as the man shakes his head before frowning.

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.” Suddenly he’s gone and I’m alone with my savior.

“Thank you.” I say as she motions for me to follow her. Looking down at my sore wrist I see a black outline of the man’s grip on my wrist. Rubbing at it does nothing.

She notices what I’m doing and says, “That wasn’t fair of him. Here let me help you with that.” Before taking my wrist and holding it the same way he did before.

Her whole body emits heat of it’s own. Gasping out in pain I try to get my wrist out of her grip that is heating up. Screaming out it feels as though I’m on fire.

She lets go of me and smiles showing a row of sharp teeth.

Looking down I realize that his handprint is replaced by a another one that is burned into my skin. Turning to run her next words stop me in my tracks.

“Oh darling, are you ready to go back?”

“Go back?” I ask turning around.

“To your life.” Looking at my face she laughs.”Oh, did you not realize? Do you even know where you are?”

I shake my head.

“You’re in The In-Between. A place of life or death. You humans call it “Limbo” or something like that.”

“I’m dead?”

“No, you’re undecided. Not alive or dead.”

Shaking my head I turn my back on her and run. Not looking back I run down hallway after hallway until I’m completely lost. Thinking to myself I try to decide what to do next.

The air around me grows cold causing me to shiver. Looking out the dirty window that gives very little light I try to wipe some of it off only for it to stay.

Suddenly a skeletal hand reaches out from behind and grabs me. Turning around I see the man from earlier. Looking at his hand all I see is skin.

“I see you ran from her.”

“She harmed me.”

“Life does tend to harm others.”



“We’re losing her!” A nurse yells after calling for a doctor. The girl's family is rushed out of the room while the staff attempts to save eldest child. Her vitals start to flatline.

As the staff rushes around the doctor is handed a defibrillator. Starting it up they try the lowest before going up when it does nothing.


“Yes, life.”

“If she’s life. Are you death?”

He looks down at me and smiles a little bit. Gently taking my hand he leads me away from the window.

“Where are we going?”


“Let’s try it again.”

Again they try with no success.

“Come on. Don’t give up on me now.” The doctor mutters as she works on saving this girl's life.


“Somewhere nice. I think that you’ll like it there.”

I nod my head and look over at him. Noticing he glances down at me before asking, “What?”

“Are you Death?”

“Yes, I won’t hurt you like Life did.” I smile in response as he leads me down different hallways. I noticed the further we walk the cleaner everything seems to become.

It’s then he stops in front of a oak door. Pulling out a key he unlocks the door before pushing it open for me. Grey mist swirls around my feet as if to pull me in.

Looking up I see Death looking at me with a smile.

“It’s okay. You don’t need to be sacred.”


Taking a deep breath I look at her lifeless body. Swallowing I look over at the rest of the staff.

“Put her time of death at 8:04am.”


Taking a step forward I fall into the grey mist forgotten by The In-Between.

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