Why I couldn't stay
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wandering Community member
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Sometimes when loving and caring for someone can be diffult when they dont care for themselves

Why I couldn't stay

What is even real?

It sure felt like it.

Looking back now I think it might've been one sided. The entire time I believed I was being open minded But the truth is I was just blind sided..

Blinded by your hurt, and blinded by your pain.

I was blinded because my heart would skip a beat everytime I heard your name.

I thought that if I could help you heal, Maybe then you'd see my love for you was the real deal.

I thought that if I was always there... Maybe then you wouldn't think twice about going anywhere.

I was foolish to think you would be able to love anyone else.

The entire time you didn't even have any love for yourself.

You were too consumed & hurt by your past;

You never even gave it a chance to make the good times last.

Instead you drank, smoked, and injected your pain away.

You did it so often that it made things too painful for me to stay

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