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"Nobody is born broken" Sometimes situations make us feel that way. How sexual assult makes the victum feel

Whats been taken away

Nobody is born broken. We are all brought into this world new, innocent, and pure. As we grow older some of us become mispoken.

Some even expirence things that make us undergo the feeling of being insicure.

Some are warned about the monsters under the bed,

Meanwhile, others try to escape the monsters inside of our head.

We may of just ended up in a situation that put the monsters there.

And sometimes we feel that not being able to escape them is unfair.

Nobody ever asks to be treated in a horrifying way

Just as nobody expects to have their innocence stripped away.

It might of been an uncle, neighbor, friend, cousin, or a dad

Either way it is still heart breaking to know someone so close is capable of being bad.

Some could view it as something "simple" like an unwanted touch...

But what most don't know, is that anything unwanted can take away so much.

When something intimate is forced, it can lead non-consensual party feeling empty and dull.

It is instances like those that can take away ones confidence & ability to rule.

It is then when one begins to feel inpure and broken.

And what happened turns into something unspoken.

All because so much has been taken away

Even trust has been stolen leaving the hurt one left with nothing to say.

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