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A little bit of tough love with a little bit of encouragement. How I feel knowing someone I love is hurting.

What is meant to be

I am on the outside looking in,

And I know you've been through so much that your aura is starting to look a little dim.

Let me shed some light and tell you what it is that I see.

I see a trapped women who is dying to be set free.

You are currently stuck in this battle between your heart and mind.

You just need to remember that it will take some time to break the bind.

I know the 'Love' you thought you had is what you desire,

But the time has come for you to put out this fire.

His words & actions do so much more damage then a noose,

Can't you see it is killing your spirit each time you put up with the abuse.

Open up your eyes & see that you are burning alive.

If you continue to let him in, you wont be able to thrive.

I promise you this isn't a personal attack.

I just want the beautiful parts of the old you to come back.

Deep down I know that you are clever.

It may not mean much now, but what you're feeling now isn't forever

"Please don't go back to him" -I beg and i plead.

You still have a little girl that you need to feed.

It is for her & for yourself that you need to be strong.

For that reason it is best that you get up and move on.

Time for you to be set free;

That way you can become the amazing women you were meant to be.

This was something I wrote for a friend. I know she is she strong to get through her current situation. Writting is my form of expressing thoughts and emotions. I hope this will not only help and motivate her but maybe one day help someone else in a similar situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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