We are all flowers
We are all flowers flowers stories

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"Every flower needs a little rain to grow" - something I always remind myself when life gets a little cloudy

We are all flowers


They come in all forms and different places, some short, some fuzzy, and some tall Soil peeps through a crack of concrete and a seed happens to fall

This could be were a flower will grow. Little streams of sewer water make there way over the soil as little stems begin to show

Slowly growing through cracks of conrete Surely when it blooms it wont be so descrete

Many think this flower couldn't possibly last.. As the thunder storms begin to pass

Yet it still manages to overcome the very first freeze And the stem still stands tall even when struck with any bit of breese

Even with just the light of the moon It slowly begins to bloom

How? One may ask

Well.. In case you didn't know..

"Every flower needs a little rain to grow"

Every one of us is like a flower... Some coming from nothing still have the chance to grow strong and firm like a tower

We all undergo storms, freezes and struggels of our own..

In a way it still plays a factor in how much we have grown

Don't ever forget you too are a flower

And no matter how rough the rainy days get you will outshine with power!

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