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If I die today... What would one have to say?

Until I'm gone

If I die today...

What would one have to say?

I may have made enough noise to make the dogs bark; But did I have enough affect on someone to leave a mark?

Did I give enough love to make someone feel? Did I speak enough truth to sound real?

I may of not made enough money to leave some behind... But I know I was always one to go for what set in my mind.

Even though I may have never gotten the chance to be a mother, That never stopped me from providing affection and care for another...

I have begun to undestand that I am running off this thing called 'time', And it's unpredictable when I'll stop living this life of mine.

The more I think about it, i realize not every plan I make is set in stone. Simply because there is always that chance that when I walk out the door, I may never make it back home.

Or that chance that when I go to sleep, I may not get to re-awake. And for the exact reason, I refuse to spend life dwelling on every single mistake.

In all reality, I do not fear death if I'm being completely honest. Since I have come to terms that not everyday is promised...

I choose to live my life to the fullest, Up until this bright light of my life makes it to it's dullest.

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