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drug use and abuse can bring up many feelings of anger, confusion and sometimes even lost hope. this is a story about a girl who lost her partner in crime to drug abuse. a letter that may never be read by the one it was meant for.

the unread letter

Dear big brother,

Wherever it is you may be,

Whatever it is that you may see...

I hope you haven't forgotten about me.

I was once a little girl that used to look up to you.

Always wanting to copy everything that you do.

To me you were so fast, talented and super smart.

You were the big brother with the biggest heart.

You always kept the scary monsters away,

And when I was down, you knew exactly what to say'

You were once my best friend

Somewhere along the way all of that came to an end.

You have given your life, your body, and your soul to this addiction,

And a huge part of me wishes that all of this was fiction.

All just a terrible dream, of my hero caring more about a drug.

Every day I am wishing that I can wake up and give the real you a hug.

But the real you is gone now;

And I still cannot begin to understand how?

How could someone who grew up without a father

Simply get up and leave doing the same thing to his own daughter?

You were once a person with so much potential.

Now you've become dumb thinking these drugs are an essential.

And I am only writing this because apart from being sad,

Your actions and words have also made me beyond mad.

You have become someone new and selfish.

Portraying to be all alone and helpless.

You are only alone because you have pushed those you cared away.

But no matter the amount of hurt you have caused, I still think of you every day.

At this point only you can help yourself.

And I hope you realize this before you do more damage to your health.

To the big brother that I used to look up to,

I hope that one day you can find the strength to return to the real you.

Sincerely, A Broken sister.

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