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wandering Community member
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We all have different platforms to be heard and stayed connected but who really is ?


All these followers, and all of these "friends".

So many requests that random people like to send...

All these forms of communication and ways of being heard

But how many people are truly saying something that is worth every word???

How can one speak out behind a tiny little screen when so many different perceptions seek out to twist the words that one truly means?

We mindlessly push 'send" and all have something to 'share'

But how many of those 'followers' or 'friends' actually care?

So many people consumed with all these forms of social media, that we have suddenly forgotten to socialize

And instead of being more connected, we become more checked out then one can realize

Everyone has become to focused on the image their media will show

Not everyone is really interested in projecting what the really know

We all were given this platform by which we have all been affected

However.. once again I ask, how many of us are genuinely connected?

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