the mercy of a gangster
the mercy of a gangster stories

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mafia romance

- just filtering my writing into commaful because i've got writer's block. i kinda like this one so i'll come back to it later!! sorry if it's terrible

the mercy of a gangster

he's a mean guy

he's got gray eyes, or contacts

the pupils are as sharp as daggers when they stare at you

pinning you down until your toes curl in your shoes

and your ears burn with embarrassment

he has these silver rings that match the color of his eyes

they are so clean, even after being stained with someone's tears as he pressed his fingers into their cheeks

he's not only a mean man

but he's a gangster

gangsters don't care about anyone

so when you see the look in his eyes, just think "death,"

because that's all the pensiveness of his gaze foreshadows

but what happens when he takes interest in you?

and those fiery, gray eyes,

even though bottomless pits with no emotion, hard to read, and all that,

those fiery, gray eyes,

they twinkle in the slightest bit of interest for you

ton of suspense, when instead of slashing a hand across your cheek like he had your companion,

he rolls his rough-textured thumb across your bottom lip,

and quirks a smile that is so sinister-like, yet so heart-fluttering,

that your toes curl in a different way, like how his eyes darken in a different way

and somehow, the look now makes you think, with flushed cheeks and a soften in your grimaced face,

the look in his eyes, when you see it, when your eyes open wide, you think "mercy"

and it's foreshadowing something different

something dangerous and daunting for you, yet tempting at the same time

to be continued...?

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