morning time, mourning time
morning time, mourning time cope stories
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wakandan 18 / just a hobby
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when I think of you, I find much happiness in my sorrow

morning time, mourning time

It's quite a loss

one so vivid in my memory

I look in the mirror

and I see you

I look at the scars

the moles

the pimples



and I see you

I look at the sun in the sky

reminds me of your smile

your twinkling eyes when you've achieved the act of making me smile

the bright color of your lashes when it gleams in contrast to the shining light

I look at one of my relatives

and I see you

the dimples, the curves,

the wrinkles, the permanent marks of grief

laced in her features

I see you when I look at her

It's so vivid

so hard to delete,

so hard to erase

because you were there for the most part

you were always involved in something in my life

you gave me so much soul

offered me so much knowledge

so much love

that when you left

I lost it all,

but I can still feel your presence

your touch of knowledge





I think of you so much that I smile,

and sometimes I cry

I smell a single scent

and I smell you

I see the moon,

the sun, the stars,

a patch of grass, a tree, a feather,

and I see you

You were my everything

my world

you gave me so many things

that I cannot look at a simple object and think of it as it is

I think of more

because I am thinking of you

the thought of you comes to my mind every day

when I wake up, I expect to see your face lighting up the darkness behind my closed lids

when I open my bedroom window,

I can almost sense your presence with the morning sun

I can see everything as you because once again,

you were my everything

don't you know that?

I also sometimes wonder,

why'd you have to go?

why'd you get taken from me?

I still needed you,

I still crave your presence

your scent

your face

but you're gone

and unfortunately, there's no one to blame

no one to beg

no one to bring you back

you are just there,


but I am glad a piece of you stayed

because when you come back

in the morning

I'm gonna play your favorite song

the morning time

doesn't have to be the mourning time

if we're singing and dancing like we're both together in the sky

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