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wakandan 18 / just a hobby
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something, you are, like the stars

a piece of your mind

you have a beautiful mind

I admire you and your talents

you have a beautiful face, sculpted by many gods it seems

I admire your humble appearance

you're funny, you make me laugh

even though I know deep inside that you're not really funny

anything you say though, I pay full heed to

because I am always learning something new

you make me open up so much more

to learn so much more

to feel so much more

to think so much more

I feel warm when I talk to you, when I am with you

your smile is warm too, if I forgot to mention

you are a very kind person

always giving so much

barely asking for much

actually, when did you ever ask for anything at all?

you say things that are so simple, yet they inspire me so much to analyze and put them into perspective

the things you say inspire me to explore the context of more

the things you do make me want to do more, I want to catch up with you

be like you

I want a piece of your mind, it is just too beautiful.

do I sound weird for thinking this way?

for being so inspired that I want to do the same things that you do?

because it looks like they're making you so happy that I want to be happy too? with you?

you say you've watched this movie and it made you cry

hey, I want to cry too?

you say you read this book and you learned something new

is there any room for two?

is it weird that I'm such an obnoxious copycat because of you?

I know.

maybe I should try this another way

maybe I should do & think of these things that you mention

and maybe I should do them quietly


and somehow, it'll get to you

you'll discover that all of the things I've done

that they all came from you

and that you inspired me

but then again, will you really think it is me idolizing you or stealing a piece of you?

a piece of your mind

I don't mean to.

I just

I just think I kind of like you

I just think I kind of like you, admire you

I just think I kind of like you, admire you, need you

and I like the things you do

your mind is a beautiful place,

and for me to actually understand you and take an imaginary journey inside of that sparkling storm going on in your head

I've gotta do what you love

I've gotta do what you love endure what you do

I've gotta do what you love endure what you do think what you do

and when I do and read and say and think what you do

I know you more

I like you more

I think of you more

I just want a piece of your mind, so you can fill the gaps in mine

your world is so huge, yet your stature is so small

you think that this and that will make you better

you think you should eat more

you think you should eat less

you think you should draw better

you think you should change yourself so much to be 'perfect'

don't you know I think you're perfect?

god, words cannot explain

how I just want to shove you in front of my mind, give you a piece of my mind

that piece that you seem to be missing in yours

that piece that will reveal to you just how beautiful you are

and your mind, your body, your talent, your art

just as you are, you are so amazing to me, to my mind

I wish you could see that

am I wrong for wishing this?

for kind of forcing the idea that you should like it when you inevitably cannot?

I just want you to see a little differently

give me a piece of your mind

and I, a piece of yours

and we can share these thoughts, ideas, emotions

and really see from different perspectives

I desire that so much

I admire it

the thought that you could see into someone's mind

not to read it about yourself or what I think of you or what you think of me

just to take a piece of my mind

for me to take a piece of yours

open up to each other a little bit

be more expressive, exposed

admire what you have

what I have

that I'm missing

that you're missing

aren't we becoming one when we do this?

that's awesome

I don't mind it

I hope you don't?

because I like you

and whatever you do, whatever you are, whatever you say, whatever you think, is a piece I'd like to learn, an place I'd like to discover, a piece of art I'd like to see, and a world I'd like to live in.

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