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something different from last time

I've noticed something

Well, most people like my stuff without even reading it. Let's start there.

How do you even know if you like something if you don't read it? People keep telling me the page reads glitch out, which they do. But they don't glitch out every time I look at them. Don't tell me that to make me feel better. It's sometimes true, but not always true. They aren't always glitched out, believe it or not.

Second of all, the things that people do like and actually read aren't even poetry or short-stories. Do people just not like my poetry and stories or something? If you don't, tell me, because I really need feedback at this point.

Seriously, I could care less about whether or not people like my writing, they'll just have to deal with it. The only reason this is sad though is because the things that are getting the most likes anymore are trends, and not work that people have put a lot of effort into. This isn't true just for me, but for a lot of people.

I don't mind trends at all, but can we take the main focus off of them, please? Hardly anybody even cares about poetry and stories anymore because they're so focused on trends. This is a writing website.

So while trends are fine, can we take the main focus off of them please? This is getting terribly out of hand, in my opinion And if you don't like my opinion, then truly, I do not care I do not care at all

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