The Elementalists Part 3
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“Are you ticklish?” Kim asked suddenly. I got a squirmy sort of feeling in my gut, “Don’t you dare,” I threatened.

The Elementalists Part 3

“Are you ticklish?” Kim asked suddenly.

I got a squirmy sort of feeling in my gut, “Don’t you dare,” I threatened.

“Looks like she knows she’s ticklish,” Dylan remarked, a mischievous smile plastering itself on his face. I shuffled backwards, away from them both. Kim followed, a grin on her face.

Dylan stood up and walked over slowly. I jumped to my feet, and in a heartbeat, was tackled back down by Dylan, who held me down while Kim tickled me.

I yelped, and started to squirm and laugh, tears making their way to my eyes.

“S-s-stop-p!” I managed in between the laughs. “I-I surrender! Just please stop!”

Dylan let me go while Kim fell back, laughing her head off. When Kim calmed down a little, I punched Dylan in the arm. He yelped, and it sends Kim into another laughing fit.

Soon we were all laughing, grinning until it hurts to smile. I lied down on the ground, looking up at the branches of the willow tree.

We all just relaxed for a while, until the sky turned pink and a bell went, signalling that it was dinnertime. We all got up and walked together to the Dining hall.


The 3 of us walked through the large doors of the Dining hall, and I gaped in amazement at the enormity of it.

Tables littered the room, with groups of people or people by themselves sitting at them. Along the side of the room was a queue for the food, which we joined.

After we got our meal, we went and sat at an empty table at the back of the room, and dug in. We ate in silence, too busy stuffing ourselves to talk.

I finished my spaghetti, and reached over to Kim’s plate, snatching a piece of toast off it. This earned me a glare, which I ignored as I devoured the bread.

That was the best meal I’d had in a while. I think so anyway.

When we finished, Kim and Dylan started to talk, and I listened. The conversation turned to their classes, and what they were learning.

“Yesterday in hand-to-hand combat, Mr Shu showed us this really cool move,” Kim said.

“Oh? What one is it?” Dylan asked.

“So, the move is where you swing your arm-”

I zoned out, listening to the comforting chatter of the room. Right then, the doors swung open across the hall, and in entered two guys. The room went silent as they walked over to a table.

It was one near us, a few tables away. One of the guys had dark brown hair, and his eyes almost glowed purple. The second had blonde hair, and his eyes were a dark stormy gray.

They both radiated power as they sat down with their friends. I watched them curiously. Stormy looked up, and glanced in our direction. He looked straight at me.

“Hellooo?” Kim said loudly, snapping her fingers to regain my attention. I tore my gaze away from the guys and looked at Kim and Dylan.

Dylan was frowning while Kim asked me the very important question, “Which one is it? You were gawking at those two guys so badly,” she laughed. I blushed and didn’t answer.

I glanced at Dylan and could see the disapproval on his face.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“They, are only the strongest Elementalists of their element in the whole school!” Kim exclaimed excitedly.

“You’re the strongest of your element too, Kim,” Dylan remarked.

“Aw shucks. Your strong yourself.”

“Ha! I’m one of the weaker fire Elementalists.”

“No, you’re probably the strongest one there is!”

Dylan snorted, “as if. You’re just saying that.”

“No. I’m not,” Kim mumbled, and I noticed a pink tint appear on her cheeks. Does she… no way! She does!

Dylan looked flustered, “Well, you’re stronger than me for sure. You’re the strongest Elementalist I know here.” Pink was definitely creeping up Dylan’s cheeks now too. No. Way.

I looked back and forth between them, noticing the same flustered expressions, and laughed. Both Dylan and Kim glanced at me.

“Why’d you laugh?” Dylan asked me. I was sitting between the two of them, and decided that I better help them out.

“Hahaha, no reason. Hey, I’m still hungry. I’m going to go get more spaghetti,” I said.

“Let me come with you,” Kim replied.

“Nah ah ah, you are going to stay right there with Dylan so he can ask you out,” I laughed, and skipped away before they could both kill me.

I lined up in the line for more food, and watched the conversation between Kim and Dylan from across the hall.

Dylan said something, and Kim replied, and they continued on for a few minutes like that. Then Dylan awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck and said something.

I could see Kim’s face turn as red as a tomato, and I knew my work was done. I smiled, when a voice said behind me, “What’s so great that caused you to beam like that?”

I spun around, and came face to face with Stormy. His voice was deep and relaxing.

I gestured to my friends, “I’m happy for them.” He followed my gesture, and saw Dylan and Kim talking.

“Ah,” he said. I stepped forward in the line and started getting my second bowl of spaghetti. Stormy copied me, getting his own bowl of spaghetti.

“I noticed everyone was looking at you and Mr Purple-eyes when you came in,” I remarked.

“Mr Purple-eyes?” Stormy asked, confused.

“You know, your friend,” I answered, feeling stupid I used his nickname.

“Ah, you meant Michael,” Stormy said, “Yeah. I guess people know us.” He thought for a moment. “I’d say you also happened to be looking when myself and Michael walked in.”

“I-” I was about to speak when I was interrupted by Kim. She grabbed my arm and started to drag me away. “I need to have a chat with you, missy,” she muttered, ignoring Stormy.

“Uhh bye Stormy!” I yelped without thinking as I stumbled trying to catch my balance, after an especially strong tug from Kim.

“Stormy?” he called after me, and I blushed. I kept stumbling after Kim, who dragged me back to the table so we could have a ‘talk’.

“Do you know what you just did?” She asked me, gaping at me in awe. Awe? Why would she do that? “Um… No?” I mumbled, confused.

She sighed dramatically, and said, “You just spoke to the best air elementalist in the school? That’s what you just did!”

“So…?” I questioned.

“So, you totally have the hots for him!” She yelped excitedly.

“I- What?” I didn’t even know what to say.

“It was obvious from the way you were talking to him,” Dylan pointed out.

I huffed, “Well, you both totally have the hots for each other!”

They both blushed and glanced at each other. “See?” I said.

“We, uh, we talked while you went to get seconds, and we thought we’d give it a shot,” Dylan mumbled.

I squealed, like literally squealed, which is something I don’t do, and got up and hugged them both to death, which is also something I don’t do.

I felt eyes watching me and glanced around, only to realise it’s Stormy watching from his table.

One of his friends elbow him and says something, making everyone laugh and the guy who said it getting a gust of wind in the face, messing up his perfectly styled, raven black hair.

Kim watched me watch the situation, and nudged me.

“Still sure you don’t like him like that?” She smirked knowingly. I groaned inwardly. She was never going to let this go. I looked at my now cold spaghetti and found I was no longer hungry.

“Let’s get outta here,” I say, and the three of us stand up and walk out of the Dining Hall.

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