The Elementalists Part 8
The Elementalists Part 8 willpower stories

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I woke up to find that everyone else had already been kicked out by the nurse, my schedule on the table beside me, with a muffin, a key and a note.

**Hey Everyone! The rest of this book is split up into different parts on my profile. Each part is numbered, with part 1 being the first part and part 8 being the most recently uploaded part.**

The Elementalists Part 8

I woke up to find that everyone else had already been kicked out by the nurse, my schedule on the table beside me, with a muffin, a key and a note. It was from the Headmaster and it said;

Dear Tyde,

Here is your schedule as well as your room key. You are room 12, on the left near the end of the second floor corridor.

You don’t have a roommate as of yet, so take your pick of the beds! I hope you have a good first day of classes.

Best of Wishes,


I picked up the key and put it in my pocket, and then I opened up my schedule. My first class was Water Control. I smiled, happy.

After that, I had hand-to-hand combat, and I cringed, hoping that it wasn’t with Mr Flint. After that I had Elementalist History, Lunch, Power Combo, and PE. Of course, they would still have PE.

I refolded the schedule and slipped it into my pocket with my room keys, picked up the delicious looking muffin and looked at the clock. My first class was in half an hour.

That meant I would hopefully have enough time to check out my dorm before I had to be there. Long as I didn’t get side tracked or lost, I would be fine.

I walked out of the Infirmary, and followed the same hallways as before to the courtyard. There, I took a random guess at which way the exit was of the building.

Good thing I have an instinct for directions, I thought as I walked out of the school building.

I hurried across the lawn and over to what I could only assume was the water dorms, as the walls were bright blue.

It was plonked right in between the fire dorms and the air dorms, with their buildings painted Red and orange, and Grey and white.

I smiled, realising that I would be living right next to two of my friends even though we were 3 different elements.

The Earth dorms and the Spirit dorms were off to the side, a few hundred metres away.

I walked up the steps to the Water dormitory, and opened the door. I walked in, and looked around in surprise and awe. This was nothing like the earth dorm.

Everything was either blue or white, and people were chilling on couches in the living room off to the left, and studying with friends to the right.

A little further up I could see another doorway, leading to what I could only assume was a small kitchen.

I bounded up the stairs, and walked down the corridor all the way to the end of the hall. There. I found my room on the left of the hallway, just like the note said.

Pulling out the key, I unlocked my door and walked in. My mouth dropped open as I gazed around the room.

I was standing in an entryway, which then led onto a lounge room. There were two desks in a corner, and two doors on either side of the room.

Both doors were dark blue, while the walls were painted in swirls like the ocean. The couches were sky blue, while the coffee table was white marble.

I walked over to the door on the left and opened it. Through the doorway was the most beautiful bedroom I had ever seen. Keeping with tradition, most things were blue.

The bed had sheets that showed beaches and ocean on it, and the wardrobe doors were mirrors. In a corner was an oak dresser, and the walls were a beautiful sea blue.

“Wow,” I murmured, entranced by the beauty. Then I remembered I had to get to class. I quickly checked the time on the clock in the living room, and swore.

I was going to be late, and I didn’t even know how to get to the class!

I raced down the stairs, forgetting to lock my door, racing back up, locking it, running back down again, and making my way finally outside. I ran down paths, all the way to the school building.

I pulled out my schedule, and check the room number. B5? Where on earth is that? I ran inside, and looked at the doors of the rooms. They all said E6 or D2 or some variation of that.

I kept running down the hall, checking rooms occasionally, before I came across my first B. B10. I slowed down, and jogged down the hall, watching as the numbers went down.

B7, B6, B5, B4- wait. I back tracked, and there was my classroom. I opened the door just as the bell went, signalling the start of the class.

I hurried into the first seat I saw and sat down, just as the teacher walked in.

There was an empty chair to my left, and to my right was a girl with curly red hair and blue eyes. She looked friendly enough.

I looked back up at the teacher, a woman in her mid-thirties with soft brown hair and gentle blue eyes. The teacher smiled. “Good morning class,” she said.

“Good morning Miss Brooklyn,” most of the other kids chorused.

“Today class, we will continue on with the basic control lesson we were working on last class.

Once you complete the task, you may go on and try to drop the temperature of the water you summon, creating ice.

You may work by yourself or with a partner, it is completely up to you,” Miss Brooklyn instructed. Everyone got up and found their friends, and got to work.

I walked over to Miss Brooklyn, who was having a conversation with a student.

“-Wish for it to appear,” Miss Brooklyn finished saying. The boy concentrated, but nothing happened.

“It’s not working!” he complained, looking downcast and angry.

“How about you try asking politely in your mind for the water to appear? With different people, there are different ways for them to summon water. Wishing for it to appear is the most common.

The more experienced you get, the less conscious thought goes into it. Come on, give it a try,” Miss Brooklyn empathised.

He concentrated again, and this time I noticed a small droplet of water appear before the boy lost his concentration.

“You had it that time. Practise makes perfect. Just keep trying, and you’ll get there,” she said. The boy nodded, and continued trying while Miss Brooklyn turned to me.

“Hello there! I haven’t seen you in this class before, therefore you must be the new girl, Tyde! Nice to meet you, I’m Miss Brooklyn,” Miss Brooklyn introduced herself.

“Hello Miss Brooklyn. I was wondering what you wanted me to do?” I asked.

“Basically, this class we are trying to summon water and then make it into different shapes. There are a few required ones, like a square, a dog, a star and a fish.

After that, you can either keep making different shapes or try to turn water into ice.”

I nodded and said, “Thank you Miss.”

I went back to my desk while Miss Brooklyn went back to helping the boy. I sat down and closed my eyes, wishing for the water to appear.

I opened my eyes and watched, still concentrating, as the water almost immediately grew to the size of a tennis ball. I pictured in my mind a salmon, and smiled as the water turned into it.

I wished for it to grow bigger slowly, and it did. It stopped, and then shrunk to the size of a skittle before growing back to the original size.

I wished the fish down onto my desk, and made it flop around like a fish out of water. I laughed, and imagined it turning into a star.

I watched as it did so, and made it spin around fast, keeping its shape. My smile widened as I turned it into a dog, and imagined the dog jumping into a square box.

I summoned a little more water, which I turned into a box, and wished the dog to jump inside.

I imagined a dog’s head sticking out the top of the box, and wished the temperature of the water to drop. It was a lot harder than I expected.

The water wanted to stay the way it was, but I managed to convince it to turn into ice. I ended up with an ice dog peeking out of a box.

I was happy and proud, and turned around to call for the teacher when I realised the class was silent.

I looked around, and everyone was staring at me with looks of admiration, shock, surprise, aw and jealously.

The teacher turned and saw the ice dog, noticed the quiet students and their expressions, and turned to the class.

“Come on! Get back to work everyone,” Miss Brooklyn said cheerfully, and slowly but surely the class went back to normal. Miss Brooklyn walked over to me. “Have you done elemental magic before?”

I nodded, “Yes, but only last night. I’d never done it before then that I can remember.”

She nodded, a thoughtful look on her face. “Can you recreate the dog for me?” she asked.

I nodded, and with a thought, summoned the water needed for it. She looked surprised.

“That was quick. How many times have you summoned water now?”

“Three or four.”

She nodded, and motioned for me to continue. I thought about the puppy, and the water turned into it. I didn’t even get to the wishing part.

I thought about the puppy doing a backflip, just a fleeting thought, and the puppy did one. I wasn’t sure who was more surprised, Miss Brooklyn or me.

The puppy started to lose shape, disappearing into a puddle of water as I started to lose my concentration. I refocussed and the puppy reformed.

“Turn the puppy into a mini cyclone or whirlpool,” Miss Brooklyn said. I did as she asked, after a few minutes, the cyclone dissipated into mist as I tired.

For a moment, she didn’t speak, and when she did, it was slowly and carefully. “You are one powerful elementalist Miss Tyde.

Not many can create something of so much detail, like the puppy, nor have the power, stamina and control to maintain the cyclone for so long.

Even with a small cyclone, most students here would only be able to hold it 10, 15 seconds. Some, not at all.”

I stared at her in shock. “Keep coming to the class, and I’ll give you some advanced work, as well as training to help you maintain your concentration,” she continued.

The bell went, signalling the end of class, and I nodded.

“You may all go!” Miss Brooklyn announced to the class, bringing an end to our conversation. Everyone walked out of the classroom and I followed them, deep in thought.

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