Underrated Commaful Users (Part 2!)
Underrated Commaful Users (Part 2!) underrated stories

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Underrated Commaful Users (Part 2!)

4. @artsea This user is pretty new but they make INCREDIBLE stories. I am not exaggerating. Please go follow them! If you scroll down my page, I even shouted out their first story, so click there if you want a short cut to their account.

5. @juliahamilton You might not think she’s underrated because of her following, but in my opinion, she doesn’t have enough! The stories she makes are AMAZING and some might even bring you to tears. So please, just go check out her account!

That’s all for now! Remember to check them out, both of them are linked in the description. Recommend some more in the comments!And if you wanna know about more underrated peeps, read Part 1, which I linked in my comment.

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