ULTIMATE GUIDE: The Coconut Gang
ULTIMATE GUIDE: The Coconut Gang  coconut gang stories
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Everything You Should Know about the Coconut Gang!

ULTIMATE GUIDE: The Coconut Gang

The Coconut gang is a group full of Commaful members, and we are your occasionally friendly internet gang! The gang was created for this husky, stuck in a coconut tree. The purpose is to raid social media, and we’re starting with this website first. “How so?” Well, we’re getting people to change their profile pictures to this husky and add a 🥥 to their description. Essentially, raiding the site (in a calm way, though).

But raiding sites is not the only thing we plan to do. We go on special missions, and I hope the gang becomes bigger so we can have more of an impact on people and start to move on to more serious things, such as making petitions or spreading awareness on important issues with our large following.

Here is some information about the Gang-

ATTACK TACTICS: -If you bully or disrespect a member of the Gang, we will leave one comment on your post that’s just coconuts. People might also message you coconuts. (Not Spamming,Though)

MISSION INFORMATION: -From July 20-28th -You can change your profile picture, put a coconut emoji in your description, invite others, comment (not spam) on a post with coconuts, logging into PUBLIC accounts and changing the pic (like @thelorax, unless if the creator does not allow), and/or recruit gang members if you wish to particpate (more than one way!)

Here is the colllection of profile pictures you may use (simply take a screenshot):

(Please ask for permission on the next one since it is edited by me!)

BENEFITS OF JOINING: -You can get a cute profile pic! -Engage in Activities, Petitions, Missions, and Other Members -You can move up your rank and you might even get a shoutout if you’re in a higher one! -A secret benefit...

RANKS: 1. Coconut Normal Member. 2. Cooler Coconut Get Shoutouts in Gang Announcements! 3. Cooler Coconut All of the above, help out with missions, and I follow you!

Raising Chances of Rank-Ups •Cooler Coconut -Recruit 5 Members -Make Multiple Posts on CG -Particpate in Missions •Coconut Tree -Recruit >5 Members -Recruit a FAMOUS User -Post about it on Social Media *Follow Me! (Bonus)

RULES: -No bullying -No spreading misinformation -No drama -No joining rival gangs!

Once we have 100 real members (meaning no alternate accounts), we'll be an ARMY.

How to Join this Gang? Well, just comment "Joined" on my post named; "making a commaful gang". Or comment "Joined" on this one! if this whole post doesn't make you wanna join, I think our long list of members will!

@caldafox @rlh @vanitysmurf @timeturner @queenoctober @nawaalmunaf @thebookqueen14 @alientaetae @bubblytea @mistexplorer74 @lochness8 @musical_mutt @itzz_mia @alexis123 @aphrodite19 @kasandrabak1972 @randomwriter @shadowdream @golden_whisper @lyricqueeen @jasymine

@btsismybias @gachauwu @medha_gautam @football_girl @goblinfetus @koyylovesbooks @denis_daily_fan

If You Join, Here Are Some Tips -Add a coconut to your description so you can be recognized -Particpate in missions -Get Ranked Up -Follow the tag "coconut gang" to see news from us! -Follow @coocnutgang -Spread the word!

Thank you for reading! I hope you consider joining this gang! If any part of this sounded violent, please know that is not the intention and this gang is pretty peaceful. We do not hack accounts, spam, or force any members to particpate in missions. Neither will we change the profile picture of public accounts for the mission if the creator states not to.

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