pretty like you -a poem-
pretty like you
-a poem- poetry stories

vxnillamochi i need a bad bleep uh addison rae
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pretty like you -a poem-

blond hair skinny waist big chest slim face colored eyes plump lips fair skin huge hips

i wish i could be pretty like you if that’s what i looked like would guys like me too? you’ve got it figured out your mind is at ease my life is like a hurricane while yours is like a breeze

guys like you girls wanna be your friend cuz you’re always in style and you fit the latest trends you’re just so perfect no problems at all great at talking, good attitude and you’re like a barbie doll

you’re lovely and nice so how could i despise you? i hate you so much but I don’t even try to it’s just... you’re so much better at everything i can do for one day, i pray i can be pretty like you

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