please leave me alone.
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vxnillamochi “i am done with this planet”
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please leave me alone.

for a user that shall remain anonymous. what i can tell you is that this person is NOT any of the two people i talked about in my "happy vent". like i said, things have been made up with them.

you continued to make posts about me, why shouldn't I? you really hurt me inside, more than i ever thought was possible. i dont think ive ever experienced that amount of pain until you came along. im asking you to please leave me alone. you have already caused enough pain for me.

you kept trying to drag drama on even when things were all good. i was happy but then you decided to tear it all down. i dont think i can accept your apology. and im trying to. you have continued to hurt me. you honestly made me break down and almost made me leave the site entirely.

i could honestly go on about all the things you said, how i should feel like garbage, how i should f*ck off on my vents, how im only causing more drama, etc. i apoligize for hurting you. i apoligize for hurting everyone. but you really hurt me the most. you made me feel pain that was originally unimaginable.

i know you dont care. i know youre just wanting to hurt me some more. youre literally a teenanger, why are you doing this? please stop talking about me. please stop commenting on my posts.please stop telling me to f*ck off.

im so done with you and all this pain. this post isnt up for discussion. so dont you dare try and tell me how im wrong for feeling this way. these are my emotions here. you broke me at my most vunerable state, when i decided to let out them out. you make me feel scared, anxious, and self concious.

you made me feel like the whole planet hated me. you made ME hate me.

you dragged me down to feel as if i was dragged to the pits of hell and back. you dragged me to the depths of the sea where I struggled to BREATHE, and my tears meant nothing in a huge ocean. you broke down my self esteem until nothing but a hollow shell of what i once was remained. all behind your computer screen.

don't comment on anymore of my posts. dont comment on my vents. dont even try to talk to me anymore. this is not drama. i want to let you know how you made me feel. you broke me into a hundred thousand pieces and yet you tell me to have "empathy" while my heart WAS BLEEDING.

you made me feel:

you made me feel: -scared

you made me feel: -scared -anxious

you made me feel: -scared -anxious -self conscious

you made me feel: -scared -anxious -self conscious -depressed

you made me feel: -scared -anxious -self conscious -depressed -anger

you made me feel: -scared -anxious -self conscious -depressed -anger -embarrassed

you made me feel: -scared -anxious -self conscious -depressed -anger -embarrassed -like nothing

you made me feel: -scared -anxious -self conscious -depressed -anger -embarrassed -like nothing.

you made me feel: -scared -anxious -self conscious -depressed -anger -embarrassed -like nothing..

you made me feel: -scared -anxious -self conscious -depressed -anger -embarrassed -like nothing...

and a deep, dark part of me wishes that you feel guilt for it.

but you know what? I wanted to tell you this: i’m sorry. i’m sorry if I ever made you feel this way. I don’t think any normal human being should go through this. so I’m .... sorry. even if i know you’re not.

EDIT: things are alright with me and this person. it’s still going to take me some time to forgive them, but at least we are on good terms.

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