haunting nostalgia.
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a vent about nostalgia with a bittersweet ending.
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
-Dr. Seuss

haunting nostalgia.

I miss the past so much

when things were fun

when life was so much easier

when I was young

when I didn't have that many problems

when I went outside and travel with my family

when I was so happy

when I was creative

when I was innocent

when everyone was normal

when I was normal.

I'm so nostalgic for the past.

I just wanna go back

Back in time


please. let me go back.

please. that's all I want.

to go back and live there again.

one last time.

I remember I'd used it go out on cloudy days sometimes, my favorite kind,

with a someone from my family, a sibling or a parent,

and we'd just do such fun things. Go out to the mall, eat, buy things...

something about cloudy days just makes me feel something I can’t describe. a feeling of... peace? I’m not even sure that word could describe how I felt on those days.

but now I have all these problems.

and I miss the past so much.

It feels like I've already experienced the best period of my life.

and now what's left is just sadness.

the best has already past me.

it feels like I'm running out of time.

and I hope to God

that those experiences can happen to me again

or at least give me the same feeling.

let me just rewind time.

I don't wanna cry because it's over.

I want to smile because it happened.

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