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vxnillamochi i need a bad bleep uh addison rae
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Context: The last announcement about this had tons of comments from bots on it, over 200. The comments were self advertising a Discord server. This also happened to my one of my friend’s posts (before it happened to me).

Yup. As you can tell these stupid bots have done it again. And I hate it. @immyx told me new information- that these bots are trying to give you malware which means they’re trying to DAMAGE OR EVEN DISABLE YOUR DEVICE.

Again, I’m telling you guys: -Do not reply to them -Do not message them -Do not report their comments Do not interact with them at all. I hate these stupid things so much and it’s actually causing a problem to the point where Commaful is glitching.

Please message Sydney. Even messaging him isn’t enough, remember to email Commaful’s email. I will do so soon guys. Stay safe, love you 💖 And to the bots: BRING IT ONNNNN

EDIT: All the bot comments have been deleted. That was the original reason I even edited this post in the first place, it was originally a meme I made but after seeing the comments I wanted to talk about it again. I also received new information. Also @sydney commented! Wow :0

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