My Wolf Character for @caldafox’s Series!
My Wolf Character for @caldafox’s Series! wolf series stories

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This is my concept for my OC in @caldafox’s new Wolf Series!

My Wolf Character for @caldafox’s Series!

My friend @caldafox is making a Wolf Series and I get to be a character! Please know a lot of these are ideas, and are not all are confirmed. I would not wanna make a character too complicated for Callie to draw since that’d take a while, so for now a lot fo these are just ideas. Here’s my Concept of My Character:

Meet Rosebuds! She’s a smoll, tiny, fluffy wolf. Her palette consists of pastel colors, like light pink, purple, blue, & white. She’s 2 years old and is naive but kind. She loves playing and is very shy.

Features: -Pink Eyes -Heart shaped Paws -Heart shaped Nose -Starry Eyes -Candy Hair w/ Charms -Blushes blue -Extremely small -Very fluffy -Big tail -Flowers -Wings

Details Not Required to Draw all the Time: -Blush -Wings (they can close & open) -Star Eyes So feel free to skip those parts to finish faster, @caldafox!

Fun Facts: -Parents are unknown -Raised in a laboratory -Cursed to be a wolf -Adopted into the Pack -Terrible at everything -Combo of different animals (rabbit, shiba inu, fox, & a cat)

Her human form is a 10 year old girl named Lyra (being 2 in wolf years is equivalent to a 10 year old kid). The reason she was cursed is for now still being decided of... I’ll edit this post when I’m happy with the idea!

Her Color Palette: (Inside her Ears are Yellow)

Reference Sheets (inspiration):

Here is the Design so Far! (Ref used)

She’s still has a bit of human personality in her so she likes wearing ribbons sometimes 🎀 Overall that’s it! I don’t really create animal characters nor do I draw them but on this special occasion I wanted to go all out!

(BTW, Here’s what I’m planning on making Lyra’s design inspired from. This is kinda what she looks like, just more pastel.)

I don’t own any of this art (besides the IRL drawing) so credit to the rightful owners! Thanks for reading! 💝

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